Who the f is Karoline Bär?

Karoline Bär is 40 and a mother of a 5-year-old daughter. She lives in Mallorca. And she is a lot. Too much?

Maybe. But maybe not. Perhaps this diversity is what makes her unique. It shows that she was – and still is – brave. That she has overcome adversity. That she persists with determination. That she wants a lot out of life. And because she loves and lives for interdisciplinarity and change. And because she wants to pass all that on and share it. With you!

Karoline Bär is...

Why you can benefit with her?

Because she picks you up exactly where you are. With a lot of passion and empathy. Because she has structure and works on the emotional, as well as the strategic in equal measure, so that you can finally regain your balance.

Because she combines a lot of depth and ancient knowledge through her shamanic training and thus brings a change of perspective into your life. And because she has a lot of freedom as an actress, which motivates you to step out of your comfort zone and walk your path of truth.

But most importantly: Because she’s human. At all times. And funny. Give it a try!