Trainer and Coach for Kids & Teens

When my wonderful daughter was born, I knew one thing: I want to do everything in my power to support her in the best possible way to become an independent thinking, conscious and loving person full of self-confidence. So that later she will be able to be responsible for her own life and happiness.

My theater pedagogical projects and the training „Strong even without muscles“ lay the foundation stonefor my education and today’s work with children and young people. 

„My work aims to bring the children to their independence and own strength! Every child should learn that he or she is not a victim, but also has control over his or her own life.“

The children learn simple methods to behave strongly and confidently in conflicts and challenging situations. For example, when they are insulted or when something is taken away from them.

In addition, we approach playfully:

  • Self-confidence
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-care

 Among other things, the children learn that every feeling is allowed, but not every action! They learn to deal with everyday conflicts, to express themselves clearly and to consistently pursue their goal. They also learn to assess danger and to get help properly.

Write me an e-mail nowfor a possible course in your daycare or school, or for a private coaching.

For Kids & Teens

Strong even without muscles

Anti Bullying & Resilience Courses for daycare centers and schools
  • Course size for a maximum of 10 children.
  • Full day courses (6h) or
  • 2 to 3 hours in the morning
  • one educator must be present during the course

„We empower children for a strong future.“
Daniel Duddek,
Founder of „Stark auch ohne Muckis“ (Strong even without muscles)

If you are interested, I am happy to offer a parent meeting after the class.

Curriculum Vitae


SAOM Coach

„Further education on Anti-Bullying & Resilience Coaching for teacher training, parents, and individual coaching“


SAOM Trainer

„Strong even without muscles: Training to become an Anti-bullying and Resilience Trainer.“


Course instructor

Balthasar Comprehensive School Cologne,
Fröbel Sonnenhut Kindergarten,
Vingst Children’s Daycare Facility, Family Center


Anton Bruckner University Linz

Workshop in theater pedagogy

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