Breathwork mit Karo


Since 2022 I am an accredited HOLISTIC BREATH® COACH and passionately accompany a group of people or give individual courses at regular intervals. It is THE resilience training for your life. If you are interested, please see the offers below.

Through active breath you get a lot of air and desire 🙂 Impetus, creative energy, and of course an overall sense of well-being. Most of the time in the sessions we also manage to face our challenges in life more positively through the breath, relieve pressure and take a change of perspective. On a physical level alone, it is so healing and regenerating. 

The practice is magical.


We usually meet in a small group over Zoom. There is a lovingly designed arrival. We then breathe ourselves into the present moment through a small warm – up. The coherence of heart and brain is quickly established and the body relaxes already in the first minutes.

The main part consists of individual breathing rounds, in which we briefly and actively breathe in through the nose and passively breathe out through the mouth. Then we breathe out completely and after a few seconds we breathe in completely. This is one round. I gently guide you through the sequence.

Combined with mood music, guided visualization, I will lead you into a natural and safe state of FLOW, releasing mental, physical and emotional blocks. Towards the end comes the integration phase where we relax and give the body a rest. It is simply the best thing we have at hand to relax and improve our lives in a sustainable way!

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This is a breathing course, not breathing therapy! No medical conditions will be treated. The primary goal is to improve overall well-being, which may manifest on physical, psychological, and/or emotional levels.


(Medicine: not applicable, counterproductive, negative effects, not recommended) The participant declares, through this agreement, to understand that breathwork is not recommended for individuals with a history of cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, retinal detachment, severe mental illness, psychoses or panic attacks, seizures, advanced osteoporosis, physical injuries or major surgeries, asthma, or epilepsy. This breathwork is also discouraged during pregnancy. You are addressed here, but still want to participate? Feel free to contact me.

By registering for this training you confirm that you have read the contraindications and can practice safely. Karoline Bär cannot be held liable in case of an incident.


1-zu-1 Breathwork Session

Do you have a specific topic that is bothering you and that you would like to work on through the breath? This is such a wonderful idea, because through the breath we can reach deep layers of our emotional worlds and approach each other very delicately.

This session combines not only the important practice of breathwork, but also the transformative part of letting you grow and follow your truth.

In a preliminary talk we get on the track of your issues and a sequence emerges, which we then walk through together in the practice.

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Breathwork Group Session

It’s always a great feeling to embark on a journey together in a group of like-minded people. Every week there is this class that you should definitely attend if you are interested in Breathwork. It is so liberating.

Click the button to sign up right now for the next session. The group sessions are designed with love. Each lesson is unique. You will get the replay and playlist for you in a little follow up mail.

You’ll be amazed at what you’re made of when you’re in the flow.


If you are not sure yet, then make an appointment here Calendly Link

“Breathwork is the gamechanger!”

Real talk: How often do you really take a deep and conscious breath into your belly?

Through my acting, I have always been connected to my breath. However, I still notice how rarely I consciously take deep breaths in everyday life.

Most of the time, these moments occur when I am tense, under pressure or totally exasperated. It is miraculous that my body knows how to help itself in these situations and through the autonomic control, relieves pressure and relaxes the entire (nervous) system automatically!

I always realize how powerful our conscious breathing is. And I am sure that while you were reading this text, you could automatically take at least one deep breath because you remembered how good it feels and how healing it is! 

Just take a deep breath right now, in through your nose and out through your mouth, and feel how the muscle tone in your body changes. It immediately creates a little more calmness and that inner peace that we all desire. It can be so simple. 

And did you know that if you breathe through your nose, you also take in up to 15 percent more oxygen? Isn’t that interesting? The positive effect on our entire body is enormous, widely tested, proven in countless studies, and confirmed by the latest findings of neuroscience.

Here are a few more benefits that conscious breathing brings with it:

If you delve deeper into this topic, you’ll be amazed at the positive qualities and aspects of conscious breathing and the effects it has on different levels, such as mental, physical, spiritual, and energetic. It surprises me that we’re not taught this in school. If you’re interested in experiencing these positive changes and want to try a breathwork course, click on the following offers. If you have any questions, please write them to me here.


„A long-time friend and yoga teacher once told me that with pain it’s like with breath, it comes and it’s allowed to leave again. Working with Karoline has made me aware of how fundamental breath allows me to let go with a clear intention of what no longer serves me and invite what I want to experience as present in my being. United in heart and mind as the first and simplest means, just as a newborn breathes into being alive. Thank you for that and your incredible sense for people, moments, and connecting through your voice 💖“


„Thank you! Today, I listened to myself and turned off the camera. I also made sure not to breathe too deeply during the intense session. What a difference it made. At the end, as I lay there with the blanket over me, my soul felt like a veil over my entire body. It integrated and said, ‚I am here now. You can feel me more often.‘ Without words, Karo, even though it was in English this time, it was fantastic! You have a way of doing this that suits me 100%!“


„I am overwhelmed by Karo’s personality and empathy. The breathwork session with her was beautiful and showed me where breathing can lead me. It was so liberating. Finally, tears were allowed to flow. Thank you for your sensitivity and support.“


„I’m sorry, I can’t make it this time (tomorrow) – buuuuuut! to all the rest out there, it’s so so healing, so wonderful with you dear Karo – it’s as if the dear Lord said, yes Bär has to do it & exactly that! Breathwork.“