I love the camera! Only here is it possible: the delicate, minimalist game. The thoughts, the moments, which the camera can capture, all of it is breathtaking and incredibly challenging! 

Standing in front of the camera is the complete opposite of being on stage! It takes much more patience, great concentration, precision, and a certain form of perfection! And the long waiting, the readiness on set, the early hours in makeup, all of that is part of it. 

When you are later drawn into the story on the screen and know that you have been part of it, that is pure happiness. Most of the time, at least. 

The collaboration on set is also unique. Everything has to happen quickly! I love the bustle of all departments and when it comes to recording, everything dissolves into silence! 

The effort from the script to post-production is enormous! I had no idea until I produced my own small short film! I embody four voices, four people, who deal with the subject of death and everything that goes with it. Enjoy watching.

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Harter Brocken VII – Das Überlebenstraining / 2021 / Role: Martina (NR) / R: Buket Alakus / ARD

Tatort Stuttgart – Videobeweis / 2020 / Role: Cleo (NR) / R: Rudi Gaul / ARD / SWR

25 km/h (Cinema movie) / 2017 / R: Markus Goller

Verunsichert / 2019 / Role: Judith Broichhausen (NR) / R: Jörg Lühdorff

Tilo Neumann und das Universum / 2020 / Role: Eva Werner (NR) / R: Julian Pörksen / TVNOW

„Die Reste meines Lebens“ Cinema movie / 2016 / R: Jens Wischnewski

Das Gegenteil von Orange / 2016 / R: Christopher Kaufmann

Tatort – Wacht am Rhein / 2016 / R: Sebastian Ko

NRW Stipend 2021