About Me

As the years go by, it gets easier, they say. Do you think so too? I’m 40 and the challenges just keep growing. I can’t claim that it’s getting easier. But the ability to have perspective and take a step back has become established, and that’s what makes it easier. At least for me.

I’ve chosen a life that is completely unsettled, without much structure or external support. On average, I’ve moved every three years since I finished high school, and I’m apparently still loyal to this kind of change.

I face setbacks again and again that often knock me down, especially mentally, and weigh heavily on me! And then there’s all this world events on top of it…Then I have to work hard to get back on track! To keep going, to use my potential, to make the world a little more beautiful again.

For me, life is still a wonder, with all its facets and opposites, and it often overwhelms me immensely! Then I’m back in the victim spiral, in old unconscious patterns, do you know what I mean? It’s all about my own responsibility, and that’s my journey.

My journey... your journey?

As often happens, it must first be a painful experience, a poignant blow of fate in life that enables a turning point in our existence, isn’t that true? This gift of growth, as it is so often called. 

For me, there was this low point. In my early twenties, I lost my mother after years of fighting cancer, and in the ten years that followed, nothing in life really made sense to me anymore. At an age when young people usually follow their passions, experiment, and dive into life carefree, I was confronted with this inevitable theme of death and the greatest loss in my life. The loneliness was the worst. Dealing with this profound grief all alone cost me precious years. 

And honestly, it wasn’t just a masterpiece to care for my mother until her last breath—no, the experience of living on, persevering, peeling myself out of this deep abyss of meaninglessness, of eternal separation, was one and still is! I know it all might sound very bleak to you. But it’s the truth, and it’s not going to get better right away.


The play studies ran parallel to my life. Getting a accepted at a highly renowned drama school out of a thousand candidates is not only about luck but also about a strong will and ideally talent. I started to devote myself to the stage with high voltage, but it quickly became clear that the playfulness that drives me has little to do with it here! 

It is one of the toughest educations because it is always you as a whole who stands up there. Your voice, your body, your being are in demand and are usually criticized! You are simply never enough! At least that’s how it seemed to me. Finding this approach, not taking it personally, and still embodying your whole persona is a narrow and brilliant degree that also requires many years of experience of failure, beyond yourself, and restraint.

If you, as an actor, manage to see and respect this whole package, with everything that comes with it, while maintaining a certain distance, it can even be refreshing. And if you know why you are doing it, you will get through everything.

Personal development

After many years of personal development – because what else did I have but to seek help and support – I slowly emerged from my valley of suffering, empowered myself, and ultimately blossomed exactly as I was meant to. 

And if you are now wondering if she’s a little crazy?! The answer might be yes, but I am free and finally feel comfortable in my life, so unconventional, so self-determined, so appreciative and connected, as never before. 

Nowadays, I have a wonderful child who can develop freely and is an independent thinker, a true personality. I live in Mallorca and, in addition to a successful business, have a family that prefers to live in harmony as equals. I am infinitely grateful and humble for this privileged life.

Just different

In addition to acting and voice acting, I help people bring more light into their darkness through transformational work, so they may finally follow their truth. Together we navigate the depths that we often avoid. However, the only way to grow beyond ourselves is to face and overcome these dark forces. This work is essential and tailored to each individual. 

I pursue my passion and also offer breathwork teachings, where I can combine many aspects. The holistic approach flows into all areas of my life and fills me with deep satisfaction.

If you’re ready to take control of your journey and destiny, I’d love to guide you through the process. My mission is to share the creativity, freedom, and joy that I possess. I’m an extremely loyal person and want to share my experiences with you, not just as an example, but also to make a difference in my environment, whether as an artist or coach. I look forward to meeting you!