Theatre pedagogy

For children and teenagers, theater courses are more than just a hobby. As a theater pedagogy trainer, I experienced firsthand how initially shy and withdrawn young people developed into confident individuals, allowing them to fully express their individuality. This is a great benefit for them – and for our society when these kids suddenly feel secure and confident to take on life. 

The rehearsal space is the perfect opportunity to push boundaries without experiencing negative consequences in everyday life. In this safe space, anything is allowed. With unconventional games and exercises, I break all conventions and push the group into their own areas of self-development. 

I developed a great emotional connection with all these people, projects, and a special way of working. I love engaging with young people and they love my way of dealing with them and challenging them. They inspire me and everything must be done to strengthen and promote the younger generations to become independent and considerate individuals. 

If you want to learn more or are specifically looking for a trainer or project leader, then write to me here. I look forward to it.

Curriculum Vitae


FRÖBEL Kindergarten Köln 


Lehrgang Theaterpädagogik
Anton Bruckner Universität Linz


Mitarbeit Junges Volkstheater in
„#Wien5 – Die Kunst der Nachbarschaft“
Regie: Constanze Cauers

Mitarbeit Theater Konstanz in
„You are not alone“
Regie: Tanja Jäckel


„Toast vor 12 – Ein Wechselspiel“
Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg
Regie, Co-Autor, Licht, Kostüm, Maske


„RAMPEZAMBA goes Wedekind“
Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg
Regie, Text, Licht, Kostüm, Maske


Kids Club
E.T.A. Hoffman Theater Bamberg,